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Sunday, October 7, 2007

This roof balcony should never leak

Rear Fascade in progress

Prior to Spider Railing

North Elevation getting closer to completion

South Fascade stone edge to stucco layering

Steel work in progress

Boxing Champ with Architect

Who's Who

What's more fun
than Construction?

Nice View to the Skyline

Plywood House

Framing by the garage overhang.

A twenty foot span over the garage door with perpendicular cantilvered moment connections

"Structural Engineers are beautiful people."

Galvanized steel over the pool

Then Triangle is for the sky light over the pool

Polmar Iron works

Every piece a perfect fit

Polmar Iron Works &
Tam( the best steel detailer)
"One day Polmar will
send me the acad file"

The Blue Dots

Front of Lynhurst Residence prior to adding the glass inserts into the 3 columns

Circle & Squares

Squares and Circles can get along. One geometry can give you are perspective on the other.

They both give you the sky and the ever changing dramatic lighting.

Construction in progress,Lynhurst NJ Residence

"Why is it that looking at the sky through a framed out circle-whole in the roof is a religious experience for me?"

Religous comments welcome